Why Choose Us?

The one reason why people choose us is for the experience of having a crafted sandwich, salad or grab n go made from scratch. We are family owned and operated, and from the minute you enter our deli to the final bite, your left with feeling that every dollar spent was well worth it.  We have a 5 star rating not because were super fancy or over the top. It’s because we prepare and serve the best sandwich you’ve ever had with a lot of love. Reef was my dog, my best friend and my companion. He is the mission behind our family deli concept.                

About Us

Anthony & Jennet Kresge

Chef / Owners

Hi! Welcome to our deli! If you don’t know yet, you will soon find out how passionate we are about providing an amazing experience through the delicious food and warm hospitality we share with our friends and our community. For 3 decades Jennet and I have been a part of the greater culinary family on the central coast, building menus and opening restaurants for some of the best in the field. I have managed, operated, and consulted locally for Shadowbrook, Sotola, Vino Cruz, Seabright Deli and Belly Goat Craft Burgers. I also spent 10 years developing cafes and concepts with Silicon Valley’s Epicurean Group.

This opportunity to open my very own space and do what I love is truly a dream come true. And Jennet, although more of the home cook, will be in and out of the kitchen when she’s not working in her primary career as a REALTOR®. Along with our kids, and our sweet old dog Reef, who has been a local on the beaches in Santa Cruz for over 16 years, we will be cooking up some insane combinations! So, come on in and grab something to eat! We can’t wait to see you!

Chef Anthony



In Capitola Village

311 Capitola Ave. Capitola, CA 95010


Seriously, that is the best sandwich I’ve ever had

Jeff Peters